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DEFINIT is a team of fully committed, positive, and professional people, who are always striving to be balanced, integrated, honest, and dependable. DEFINIT is a limited company based in Yogyakarta Indonesia that offers high quality services in research, consulting, and training.


Our DEFINIT a Research will be based on solid literature reviews, carefully checked data sets, implement battery of most up to date estimation techniques, and very careful analysis to provide robust research. We help our clients to identify what works best for their needs.

Why DEFINIT was use this logo

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Arjuna is one of the icon on the Mahabharata epic. He is the son of the King of Hastinapura which is very Sakti (has strong magical power) and very skilfull in the art of archery and battle. The character of Arjuna symbolizes purity, integrity, creativity and loyalty. Likewise Arjuna, DEFINIT also adopts the value of integrity and high creativity on our research to ensure high quality of research.


research definit

Our DEFINIT Research will bridge the gap between empirical research and theoretical framework, between the government and the public, and between academicians and practitioners. We strive to actively engage in policy-making processes. Our DEFINIT Research has an impact, directly or indirectly, to policies and decisions made by the government, institutions, and the society. Therefore we take our research very seriously and work at the highest standard.

Our DEFINIT Research produces ready-to-use, applicable, and handy results. We simplify complicated things without eliminating important processes. We are very clear in the way we act and communicate in verbal or written to all of our clients wherever they are based. We are capable of working in deprived and geographically-difficult areas. We can work with hardly-to-reach groups of community. This makes DEFINIT Research inclusive and able to address issues from different points of views.

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DEFINIT Operates globally in conducting Research activities





Telp/FAX : (+62) 274 513418
Email : Contact@DEFINIT.Asia | Website : https://DEFINIT.Asia

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